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Burtonsville Fuel Co., Inc. Offers Trusted Service in Maryland

Burtonsville Fuel Co. professionals are trained and certified. We perform regular maintenance on oil fired hot air furnaces, boilers, hot water heaters, air conditioners and heat pumps. Some of our frequently installed equipment includes AirEase, Weil McClain and Bradford White. Each of our services comes as part of a maintenance agreement package. We will be happy to set up a maintenance plan for you today.

Our Annual service contract offers: emergency service, combustion efficiency testing, check safety controls, annual cleaning and furnace servicing, vacuum cleaning, oiling and adjustment of fans and circulators.

Our Annual Tune-Up Package for Heating Units offers cleaning and maintenance work (filter and nozzle included).  Any service thereafter is billed at the prevailing rate

Burtonsville Fuel’s Annual Service Contract (Boiler or Hot Air Furnace, Oil fired hot water heater)

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Emergency Oil Burner Service, Combustion Efficiency Test, Check Safety Controls, Annual Cleaning and Servicing of Furnace (Within Contract Year) Vacuum/cleaning of Flue Passages, Vacuum Cleaning of Smoke Pipe, Vacuum Cleaning of Chimney Base (If Possible) Cleaning, oiling, adjustment of oil burner, fans and circulators, check air filter.

  • Purging Air From System
  • Draft Regulator
  • Primary Control (Cad Cell or Stack)
  • Ingnition Wiring
  • Circulator Motor &Coupling
  • Forced Air Furnace Blower Fan
  • Limit Control (Both Single & Multi)
  • Porcelains Shaft & Bearings (Wheel Included)
  • Draining Expansion Tank
  • Smoke Pipe
  • Triple Acting Aquastat
  • Replacement of Oil Lines where Exposed
  • Warm Air Furnace Blower
  • Oil Filter Cartridge
  • Ignition Transformer Motor (up to 1/3 hp)
  • Pedestal Mount
  • Ignition Assembly
  • Pump Strainer
  • Variable Speed Motors
  • Fan Limit Switch
  • Cad Cell Eye (Not Included)
  • Forced Air Furnace Blower Fan
  • Oil Burner Motor
  • Porcelains Shaft & Bearings (Wheel Included)
  • Thermostat (Manual Only)
  • Smoke Pipe
  • Oil Burner Coupling
  • Replacement of Oil Lines where Exposed
  • Electrodes
  • Oil Filter Cartridge
  • Oil Pump
  • Pedestal Mount
  • Nozzles
  • Pump Strainer
  • Fan Belts
  • Fan Limit Switch

Additions: Oil Fired Hot Water Heater

  • Oil Burner Components
  • Controls (except priority switches)
  • Smoke Pipe
  • Draft Regulator
  • Relief Valve
    * Labor Covered only on parts covered by plan
  • Please call our office for current pricing

Burtonsville Fuel’s Air Conditioning Annual Tune Up

Featuring our 14 point Maintenance Check:
We agree to provide Annual Tune Up services as indicated below. Service will be performed during normal working hours Monday through Friday. Emergency Service after normal working hours will be charged at prevailing rates.

  1. Install gauges and check pressure
  2. Check voltage and amperage to all motors
  3. Check air temperature drop across evaporator coil
  4. Lubricate all moving parts
  5. Check for adequate refrigerant charge
  6. Check belt and adjust tension
  7. Check all electrical controls and wiring
  8. Inspect contractors for worn contacts
  9. Check pressure switch
  10. Check and adjust thermostat
  11. Check that condensate drain is open
  12. Turn exposed air dampers to cooling position if marked
  13. Check total performance and operation of cooling system
  14. Check crankcase heater on compressor motor if possible
  15. Please call our office for current pricing

Burtonsville Fuel’s Annual Tune Up Heating Units & Oil Fired Water Heater

Provides: Annual Cleaning and Maintenance of:

  • Furnace
  • Nozzle
  • Burner
  • Oil Filter
  • Smoke Pipe
  • Strainer
  • Gasket
  • Please call our office for current pricing

Additions Benefits:

  • Improved Efficiency saving you money
  • Extended Equipment Life protecting your investment

Please call our office for current pricing

All cleaning services are performed between May 1 and Oct. 31, but emergency calls and weather damage make it impossible to guarantee appointments after this date. The benefits of purchasing one of our packages are many, including the fact that you have access to our trained professionals all year round. Keeping your home well maintained not only helps address any problems that may arise annually but helps prevent those problems from turning into costlier issues down the line.